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The job market is shifting at an unprecedented rate. Automation is changing the face of the workforce, with technology being responsible for both the demise and creation of whole industries. So how do you know your job will be safe in the future?

Creativity is key

While jobs in manufacturing and administration are disappearing, job analysts almost all agree that careers needing high-levels of creativity are a safe bet. Though tech careers are expected to be in high demand, a report from the Australian Council of Learned Academies said the workers of tomorrow will need to draw on a number of skills to future-proof their career options. Australia's chief scientist Alan Finkel said though a heavy emphasis has been put on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects, innovative employers see this as only part of the equation for success. The report stated that blending STEM skills with business and creative skills – including humanities, arts, and social sciences – lead to more innovative products and services.

Data and security analysts, software developers and computer programmers

With mobile technologies collecting more data from us than ever before, we are going to need people able to put the numbers into practice. Security analysts will need to keep an eye on the growing cache of sensitive information being captured. There is also expected to be a boost in jobs in mobile technology, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing.

ICT (Information and communications technology)

A report by Deloitte pinpoints ICT specialist as the ‘it’ career of 2020. With the threat of looming digital disruption, Australia’s workforce needs professionals to fuel its digitally-driven economic growth. The sector is expecting an annual growth of 2.5 percent with many ICT professionals working in marketing and advertising, finance or government.

Keeping us healthy

With an aging and expanding population job growth in the health and social services industry is expected to be high, with about 250,200 job openings by 2020. Job projections show that registered nurses, physiotherapists, carers and those offering assistance to older Australians will be most in demand. Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency Workforce Development Director Dr Kathie Barnes, said health care professionals in high-level skills and management would also be sought after.

Product Designers

Technology may be able to manufacture products at a fraction of the cost and in half the time, but old-fashioned human creativity will still be in high demand when it comes to designing our cars, homes and personal technologies of the future.

Project Managers

Project managers with high level skills, creative thinking, a knack for problem solving and the ability to be innovative enough to guide companies through a time of constant change will be in high demand across all industries.

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