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Studying online is changing and impacting the way we learn. With everyone having a million things on these days, taking an online course provides many advantages as to why it could be the right decision to make in your career path. In saying that, studying online isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are certain drawbacks that you must consider in order to figure out if you have the ability to undertake an ‘e-education’. By reading on, you’ll be able to figure out if studying online is suitable for you.

Best Things About Online Studying


The flexibility of studying in your own time is something that everybody dreams of. By studying online, you’re able to manage your social, work and education life in a way that suits you. With no deadlines or timetables to follow, you’re able to create a schedule that works well for you while not having to give up the other aspects of your life. You’re also given the comfort of being able to study from home, your favourite coffee shop or on your lunch break. That kind of convenience allows you to have more control over your course, all in the comfort of wherever you chose.

Course Variety

With such a large range of courses on offer, almost any career path is imaginable with online studying. The variety of courses allows you to pick a specific area of your interest and start learning everything about it. With many courses being accredited nationally, you’re able to gain a recognised qualification that you can put towards your career.

Interested in seeing what's available to study online? Check out the broad course variety that OCA's offers.

Cost Efficient

Not only is there such a variety of courses on offer, but studying online can also be cheaper. By having all your resources in one place, you won’t need to pay additional fees for your course. Without all the textbooks, commuting or other associated costs that come with studying on a campus, studying online can save you a lot of money in the long run. With OCA, you're even able to undertake payment plans. These plans allow you to start studying from as low as $50!

Access & Support

We all like it when things are made easy for us, and this is exactly what online studying can do. The access of course material is literally at your fingertips. Need assessment notes, student forums or teacher assistance? E-learning has all of that in the once place. You don’t need to run around campus, all you need to do is open your laptop, click a few links and your questions are answered.

Worst Things About Online Studying 

Less Motivation, More Procrastination

Do you get easily distracted on the Internet? With e-learning, everything is done online, which means you have to be on the ball and very focussed. We all know how easy it is to be writing an essay one minute and the next thing you know, you’re scrolling down your Facebook feed seeing what someone from your high school is having for lunch. The lack of motivation that can come from studying online can damage your education, so you have to make sure you’re committed and 100% focussed when you’re online. If you're one of those people who gets easily distracted, these 5 tips could help you out of that procrastination pitfall

Maintaining Control

Maintaining self-discipline is one of the hardest things about studying online, especially if it’s a beautiful day and all you want to do is go for a swim or take a long nap. You need to be able to control those instincts and make sure that you stay on top of your work. With no one forcing you to do your readings or assessments, your skills of independency will be tested and you’ll have to organise your days efficiently so that you don’t fall behind.

Did you know that one of the most popular ways to manage control while studying is by undertaking the Pomodoro Technique?

Lack Of Physical Connections

With everything being over the Internet, sometimes e-learning can start to feel a little lonely. With barely any verbal interaction, you rely purely on communication through the Internet. Studying online means that there is no campus to share your lunch with a new friend or anyone to copy notes off.  Though there are forums, studying online is a fairly independent notion where you have to learn to rely on yourself due to the lack of physical relationships. 

These are just a few of the downfalls and benefits that studying online can have. With such a big decision that can impact your career, it’s very important that you outweigh the pros and cons to see if studying online will suit you.

What are some things that you love and hate about studying online? Let us know in the comments!


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