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When we talk about the business world, it feels a bit like a separate entity - somewhere in a distant galaxy, far, far away. We often forget how much the “business world” impacts our everyday life. We rely on business to keep our bank balance healthy, resource the basic necessities like milk and bread, and keep our cars chugging along on the road. Australia’s PwC asserts that “every man and woman in this country is ultimately a direct beneficiary of business as employees, consumers, pensioners, savers and voters”. It’s crazy yet true - business is the foundation of our nation.

So if you’re looking to pursue a business diploma, you’re essentially spoilt for choice with career outcomes. Here’s a taste of what you can do!

You can be at the nerve centre of operations in an Office Management role

Office managers always know what the 411 is within their workplace. They organise and manage the functions and resources of the office, and are clued in all things administrative and personnel. If you’re currently working in a reception role and want to move up, a Diploma of Business can open the door to an Office Management role. According to Job Outlook, new openings for Office Management positions are expected to grow a moderate 7% over the next five years.


You can popularise the brands of tomorrow in a Marketing role

Business and marketing go hand in hand, and if you’ve got a knack for ideas, a creative flair, and the perfect prose, marketing allows you the opportunity to shine – and get paid for it. Your business diploma will give you the reporting and analysis skills needed for the metrics and measurement side of marketing, as well as the business know-how. You can specialise in content marketing, advertising, and marketing administration roles. Competition can be fierce, but those with raw talent are easily recognised by employers.

You can play the number game as an accounting clerk

Are your friends in awe of your number and analytical skills? Do you excel at tables and equations? A diploma of business is a great pathway for those looking to get into payroll and accounts. Every business needs a level-headed numbers person to analyse operating costs and are happy to apply specialty training to suit their business needs. Job prospects through to 2020 are expected to be above average.

You can upskill within your industry for better job prospects

Whether you’re looking to side step or move up in your role, a business diploma can formalise and help you develop the necessary skills that open up new opportunities. Ideal for those working in retail and want to start managing a store, or are working in accounts and need the paper to prove your skills.

You can use your Diploma as a pathway into an undergraduate program

Didn’t get the Year 12 results your were hoping for or didn’t go to university straight out of school? A diploma of Business can pave the way for the university degree of your desire. Your diploma may also have university credits, decreasing the time it takes to study an undergraduate degree.


You can set your own rules and bring your entrepreneurial vision to life with your own business

You’ve got an entrepreneurial flair and a great idea. You want to get it off the ground, but you need to understand the fundamental principles of business. Your diploma of business can give you the skills and knowledge to help you focus on the ideas, and let the practical side become second nature.

Looking to take your career to new heights? Browse our range of business qualifications and start working towards your dream career now.

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